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Hello and welcome to Axaholics.

The site and forum are under construction. The forum is fully operational so feel free to start posting.


Thanks for visiting...

cool.gif thumbup.gif Thanks for the invite HRC! Thanks for all your HARD work!

I have some AWESOME guitar player brothers that I will send an invite to. This should be a lot of fun and educating. Hopefully we'll draw alot of knowledgeable people. I know they're out there.

biggrin.gif OKAY ... Let's get started! thumbup.gif
Hi Mel... Glad you made it over here cool.gif I'm looking forward to getting this place rockin'. I appreciate you telling anyone you think of that may find this place interesting...
Gee, this place looks familiar!

Best of luck HRC!
Hi Gorno! Glad to see you found us hiding over here... biggrin.gif
I have nothing to contribute, LOL! But, I might stop by now and then to hassle you some.

Member #4! WOW!
No problem. Your welcome to drop in anytime.

It will take a few weeks before the site gets indexed on google and the other search engines so it's going to be slow here for a while.
"Low and Slow"
I have some relatives and friends that should enjoy this site. I'll share URL with them.

I look forward to viewing the posts and learning more about the instruments. You might notice me hanging around a little bit.

Good luck with the site!

Welcome "Low and Slow"...

Let your friends know. I appreciate it...
Nice start to your site! thumbup.gif I linked over here from the BU forum. I'll try to get some pics up of some of my gear, including my 63 strat I bought from the estate of the original owner and my 53 tele I bought from former Lynyrd Skynyrd guitar player Ed King

Welcome to the forum Jetlag...

It sounds like you have some nice guitars. I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures. I haven't heard the name Ed King in a long time. It brings back a lot of good memories... biggrin.gif
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